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Energy/clean_energy_solar_radiation_insolation (MapServer)

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Map Name: Solar Energy Resource Potential in Canada


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Layers: Description: This map is an illustration of Canada’s solar energy resource potential. It includes two views, the mean daily global insolation and the global horizontal irradiance (GHI) in Canada.

Copyright Text: Natural Resources Canada. Annual Average Direct Normal Irradiance 1988-2014. Ottawa: Office of Energy Research and Development, 2015 ; McKenney, D. W., Pelland, S., Poissant, Y., Morris, R., Hutchinson, M., Papadopol, P., Lawrence, K. and Campbell, K. (2008). Spatial insolation models for photovoltaic energy in Canada. Solar Energy, 82(11), 1049-1061. Data accessed: February, 2016. Ottawa: Natural Resources Canada.

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